Third Party Transfer Workshop - June 25th 2013


2013-06-25-TPT Briefing Canada (229 KB)

2013-06-25-TPT Q&As Workshop (22 KB)



DMAG Spring Tour - Navy IPO- 19-20 March 2013 - Presentations


DMAG Tour - March 2013 - NAVY IPO Overview - Mr. Miskowski (4740 KB)

DMAG Tour - March 2013 - Naval Air System Command - NAVAIR - Mr. Daugherty  (3009 KB)



DMAG Tour - March 2013 - Naval Sea Systems Command - NAVSEA - Mr Randolph (2588 KB)



DMAG Tour - March 2013 - Space and Warfare Systems Command - SPAWAR - Mrs Arney (2229 KB)



DMAG Tour - March 2013 - Naval Weapons Systems Support - ICP - NAVWSS/ICP - Cdr Gorman (1780 KB)



DMAG Tour - March 2013 - Naval Education and Training Security Assistance Field Activity - NETSAFA   (1775 KB)



DMAG Tour - March 2013 - Marine Corps Systems Command - MARCORPSYSCOM - Mr Kummer (767 KB)



DMAG Tour - March 2013 - US Coast Guard International Acquisition - Mr Reinert (2626 KB)



DMAG Tour - March 2013 - Industry Perspective - Raytheon - Mr Leboeuf (346 KB)



DMAG Tour - March 2013 - Customer Perspective - FMS versus DCS -Mr Kaelin - Switzerland (738 KB)


DTAG Minutes from the November 2012 meeting - November 28, 2012 Plenary Session


November 28, 2012 Plenary Session (OCR) (3393 KB)


Third Party Transfer Meeting - June 25th 2012

Please find the presentation and Questions and Answers document from the TPT Meeting held at the Canadian Embassy on June 25th, 2012


Third Party Transfers - Presentation by Leann Luong - 25 June 2012 (1502 KB)

Third Party Transfers - Q and A - 25 June 2012 (21 KB)

Third Party Transfers - Q and A - 2nd set - 25 June 2012 (17 KB)

Third Party Transfer - Blanket Approval

The Department of State has now established a third-party transfer (TPT) policy to allow the provision of blanket U.S. Government (USG) authorization to governments that wish to temporarily transfer specific unclassified defense articles and technical data originally provided via government-to-government channels (e.g., the Foreign Military Sales (FMS), Excess Defense Articles (EDA), and drawdown programs) to specific private entities for the sole purpose of maintenance, repair, or overhaul. Please find the pertaining information below:

Third Party Transfers - Blanket Authority (20 KB)

Third Party Transfer - End User Assurance - Private Entity (21 KB)

Third Party Transfer - LOR - Foreign Private Entity (22 KB)


Third Party Transfer - LOR - US Private Entity (20 KB)


30 Apr, 1-2 May 2012 - Trip Book - DMAG Tour Huntsville, AL


30 Apr, 1-2 May 2012 - Trip Book 1 - DMAG Tour Huntsville, AL (4229 KB)



30 Apr, 1-2 May 2012 - Trip Book 2 - DMAG Tour Huntsville, AL (4527 KB)



30 Apr, 1-2 May 2012 - Trip Book 3 - DMAG Tour Huntsville, AL (3753 KB)



30 Apr, 1-2 May 2012 - Trip Book 3 - Customer Perspective - DMAG Tour Huntsville, AL (1769 KB)



30 Apr, 1-2 May 2012 - Trip Book 3 - MDA Brief - DMAG Tour Huntsville, AL (959 KB)


Pictures of the tour:

19 April 2012 - DMAG Pre-Tour Presentations Canadian Embassy


19 Apr 12 - USASAC - Mrs Pat Hill (651 KB)

Ms. Patrice (Pat) Hill: Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Defense Exports and Cooperation Pat Hill currently serves as the Director, Strategy and Plans for the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Defense Exports and Cooperation (DASA (DE&C)). In this capacity, she is responsible for the development of strategy and plans in support of security assistance, export policies, and international cooperative research, development and acquisition. She has been with the US Army for over 28 years working in international with the US Army Security Assistance Command and the Research, Development and Engineering Command prior to her current assignment.

 19 Apr 12 Participants Update (720 KB)



 19 Apr 12 - TRADOC - Dr Judy Damewood (764 KB)

Dr. Judy Damewood: Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Defense Exports and Cooperation (DASA DE&C). Judy Damewood joined DASA DE&C in March 2009 as the Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) Senior Security Assistance/International Training Specialist. She serves as the senior advisor to the Headquarters, Department of the Army staff on matters pertaining to international training, and is responsible for developing agreements and policies related to the Army Security Assistance Training Program. She works closely with the other military departments and with the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) on Department of Defense Security Assistance Training policies and procedures. She served as the Chief of Policy, Plans, Programs and Projects for the Security Assistance Training Field Activity (SATFA) at Headquarters TRADOC, Fort Monroe, Virginia for twenty years, which included supervising International Military Student Officers (IMSO) at Army schools throughout the United States. From 1984 to 1989 she worked for the Directorate of Training and Doctrine at the Infantry School, Fort Benning, Georgia. 


 19 Apr 12 - USTRANSCOM - LtCol Tom Guerra (2597 KB)

Lieutenant Colonel Tom Guerra: Lieutenant Colonel Guerra is the US Transportation Command’s Liaison Officer to the Defense Security Cooperation Agency. He is responsible for identifying solutions for the transportation of Security Cooperation materials to partner nations. Lt Col Guerra is a 1988 graduate of the United States Air Force Academy. After completion of pilot training at Laughlin AFB, Del Rio, Texas, he remained at Laughlin for his first assignment as a T-38 instructor pilot. This was followed by a tour as an exchange officer instructing Jordanian student pilots in basic jet pilot training and fighter lead-in training at the King Hussein Air College in Mafraq, Jordan. He then was assigned to Dover AFB, Delaware in 1995 to join the 3rd Airlift Squadron as a C-5 Aircraft Commander. Three years later, he transferred to the AF Reserve and the 709th Airlift Squadron, Dover AFB where he served as a C-5 Evaluator Pilot, Flight Commander and the squadron’s Chief Pilot. He assumed command of the 512th Operations Support Flight, Dover AFB in August 2008. In August of 2011, he volunteered for and was selected to perform an extended MPA tour as the USTRANSCOM Liaison Officer to the Defense Security Cooperation Agency. He is a command pilot with over 5,000 military flight hours in the C-5, Aviojet, and T-38 aircraft. His civilian occupation is with Southwest Airlines.


19 Apr 12 - USACE - Mr James Balocki, P.E. (12788 KB)

James B. Balocki: Chief, International and Interagency Services Headquarters, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Mr. James B. Balocki was selected to the Senior Executive Service in July 2009. He is currently serving as the Chief, International and Interagency Services Community of Practice, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Washington, D.C. In that capacity he is responsible for engineering and technical support services to foreign governments, national and international organizations and Federal agencies. He also supports the North Atlantic Division and Transatlantic Division in the execution of their programs with the Administration, Department of Defense and Congress. Prior to this he served as the Director, Joint Programs Integration Office, Headquarters, U.S. Forces – Afghanistan in Kabul, where he was responsible for managing $14.2B of construction supporting U.S., NATO, and Afghan National Army and Police forces. He oversaw and coordinated the efforts of 1,200 military and civilian professionals to program, plan, and deliver infrastructure for deployed units throughout the wartime theater. He was also responsible to integrate infrastructure efforts of the Department of Defense, State Department, U.S. Agency for International Development, other agencies of the U.S. Federal Government and the Government of Afghanistan.

29 November 2011 - MTCR presentation by Gregory Suchan

 MTCR by Gregory Suchan (231 KB)


28 September 2011 - DMAG Pre-Tour Presentations Spanish Embassy


 September 28 - State PM/RSAT Presentation - Mr. Ken Comer (844 KB)


 September 28 -DSCA Presentation - Ms Lorna Jons (2979 KB)


 September 28 - DTSA - Presentation - Mr. Jud Rose (1831 KB)


 September 28 - DASA (DE&C) Presentation - Ms. Patricia Hill (854 KB)


 September 28 - Navy Presentation - Mr. RJ Schissell (506 KB)


 September 28 - SAFIA - Presentation - Mr. Hansen Mak (3302 KB)


3-4-5 October 2011 - DMAG Tour Wright-Patterson


 DMAG Tour 3-4-5 October 2011 - Table of Content (305 KB)



 DMAG Tour 3-4-5 Oct 2011 - FMS Acquisition1 (5460 KB)



 DMAG Tour 3-4-5 October 2011 - Logistics Support of International Programs (15356 KB)



 DMAG Tour 3-4-5 October 2011 - Menus (672 KB)

Pictures for Advocacy Pieces


Pictures for Advocacy Piece (1056 KB)